First-hand Photo wallpaper

Exclusive images

There are a wide range of images in our electronic catalog. All the pictures have been thoroughly selected as per their quality and they have high definition which enables manufacturing photo wallpapers for walls of literally any size.

Custom sizes

We manufacture photo wallpapers specifically for your sizes. The only limit for their parameters is your desires and capabilities.

Relief texture

A wide selection of base materials allows you to choose a texture for your interior easily (we use only top-quality German materials to produce photo wallpapers).

Roll cut

Forget about photo wallpapers which consist of 8 or 16 pieces! Our photo wallpapers of new generation have a wide roll cut. Minimum number of joints and no problems with hanging!

Butt gluing

Our specialized equipment provides highly precise automatic cutting of paper webs for their perfect joining. This allows us to manufacture photo wallpapers hanging of which require no:

  • guessing the image match;
  • cutting and removal of excessive parts - they are just absent;
  • image retouching with pencils

Quality in everything

The Hygiene Certificate issued by the Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well.