We are a team of professionals in the area of design and innovations who strive to satisfy all our customers’ needs. With our unblemished reputation, we ensure the highest quality of our products and related services.

World of Photo Wallpapers is a recognized leader among the manufacturers of highest quality photo wallpapers, that is also known by its innovative solutions in the area of interior design.

In the course of manufacturing our products, We use the state-of-the-art equipment intended for manufacturing photo wallpapers and interior design elements,and being unique for Russia. Only top-quality and enviromentally sound materials produced in Japan and Germany,are used for printing.

All the company’s employees are highly skilled professionals in their specalization area, that is evidenced by their broad experience and continuous improving their skills at seminars held by suppliers of professional equipment and materials for printing.

We are acutely aware of the fact that a good result is based not only on good technical facilities but also on professional customer support. Therefore, when you come to us, you will be supported by our specialists’ advice at all times, in all the phases of your project implementation, namely:

  • selecting the most appropriate image for your interior in our image base or developing a customized image with due account of all the peculiarities of your interior;

  • visualization of the selected image in your interior;

  • professional design processing of the image selected by you (sizing, color and interference correction) for the best fitting of the image into your interior;

  • professional advice and recommendations on applying our photo wallpapers to the various surfaces.

If you order our wallpaper, there will be no doubt that your time and money will be generously repaid and your will enjoy the comfort and coziness created by our products at your home.

We use our best efforts that our customers feel confidence and respect if the name of World of Photo Wallpapers is mentioned.

Our mission is in full satisfying all our customers’ needs!

Quality of service

The main commitment of World of Photo Wallpapers is in rendering the high-quality services to its customers.

We pay special attention to studying our customers' needs and expectations related to our company. So, if you have any questions or comments regarding the quality of service at our company, please let us know. In order to consider your question as sson as possible, please, leave your message by filling in a special form.

It is critical for us to receive you comments and suggestions on our company service, in order to take timely corrective actions and provide you with the top-level service.