The service package included in the price of photo wallpapers

  • selection of exclusive photos

  • visualization of photo wallpapers in your interior

  • production of photo wallpapers on the basis of a digital photo provided by you

  • designer's processing of the image selected by you

    • sizing,
    • color correction,
    • interference correction,
    • image elements editing,
    • application of effects: black and white, sepia, negative image, specific effects

Image selection

If you have not found a suitable image or have not enough time for searching, please send your requests to our e-mail address: . Our professionals will make a selection of images on the required subject and present it to you within 24 hours.


Sometimes it is hard to make an important decision on buying or hanging wallpaper if you do not see how such photo wallpaper fits into your future interior. It is especially critical if you liked several images and you need choose one only. In order to see your toom design before hanging photo wallpaper, please send a photo of your interior and the images you like to our e-mail address:

Our designers will visualize different images in your interior and will send photos of the finished interiors to you as soon as possible.

An example of visualization:

Design processing

You have chosen the image which perfectly suits your interior but there is some detail or color which you dislike?

Do not hasten to refuse you choice! In most cases an image can be corrected, for example, as shown below:

  • sizing,
  • color correction,
  • interference correction,
  • image element editing,
  • application of various effects: black and white, sepia, negative image, specific effects.

Comprehensive development of an image model

You have an idea on decorating your room but it order to implement it it is reqiured to create a completely new image considering all your desires and interior features?

World of Photo Wallpapers Design Department carries out a complex development and implementation of images for your interior. Do you wish to create a unique fairytale interior in your child’s room with all his/her favorite characters or decorate the walls of your office in a special way? Our professional team will efficiently solve your problem within the time specified.

Rely on the professionals!