Wallpaper textures

The properties and image quality of modern photo wallpaper much differ from those of customary samples of this kind of products. World of Photo Wallpapers manufactures next generation photo wallpapers using high quality German materials, whose technological leadership originates advanced color rendering, diversity of their textures and and wide roll cut which ensures minimum number of joints or even no joints at all.

Material specifications

  • diversity of textures

  • high density: 300 g/m²

  • fade and ultraviolet resistance

  • high mechanical strength

  • excellent color rendering

  • ability to hide wall unevenness (the thickness of the base is 330 µm)

  • resistance to moisture and cleaning agents

  • roll cut (max width of each sheet is 1,26 m)

Vinyl on flizeline basis. Production Poland.

Texture «Sand»
Implementation examples

Small and rough texture of the material gives any image soft pastel shades.

Texture «Provence»
Implementation examples

Texture «Venetian plaster»
Implementation examples

Texture «Shagreen»
Implementation examples

Texture «Smooth»
Implementation examples

Plain material without stamping, having a moderate glossy luster. It will ideally suit to subjects consisting of one single canvas, because one may see canvas joints on plain photo wallpapers after their hanging.

Texture «Basalt»
Implementation examples

Texture «Mosaic»
Implementation examples

Texture «Cypress»
Implementation examples

Vinyl on a paper basis. Production Germany.

Texture «Decorative plaster»
Implementation examples

Breathtaking texture imitating painting, done directly on the wall, is extremely popular. This material is versatile. Different subjects and themes look perfectly on it.

Texture «Coarse sand»
Implementation examples

Matt material with even texture fits into most interiors. It is ideal for images from “Architecture” section, as it perfectly reproduces the roughness of brick and stone masonry, asphalt.

Texture «Crumpled canvas»
Implementation examples

Texture imitating art canvas perfectly reflects different plots and is a guarantee of an invisible butt joint. Texture is characterized by quiet and intense colors.

Texture «Plaster»
Implementation examples

Material with a large and rather heterogeneous structure resembling to plaster. This texture will add color depth and charm to vintage photos, art objects and ancient frescoes.

Texture «Frost»
Implementation examples

Structurally, this material consists of small fibers similar to watercolor paper or frost. This texture gives mattness to any image.

Texture «Painting»
Implementation examples

Special texture that imitates oil painting is ideal for artistic paintings and other original images.

Texture «Wood bark»
Implementation examples

Texture having a non-uniform relief that resembles to bark. It is perfect for interiors decorated with natural materials.

Texture «Tile»
Implementation examples

Material with a large geometric ornament. Its sharp embossment perfectly conveys the size of brick and stone masonry.

Texture «Geometric pattern»
Implementation examples

Texture with deep embossment is a perfect match for modern styles in interior design, such as high-tech and minimalism. This material emphasizes the originality of images from “Cars”, “Technology” and “Abstraction” sections.

Texture «Coral»
Implementation examples

Texture with a homogeneous dot embossment resembling the texture of sea coral is ideal for such image sections as "Seas and Beaches", "Architecture", "Flowers and Plants".

Texture «Marble crumb»
Implementation examples

Material with rough structure and strongly marked homogenous embossment. This texture accentuates the size of brick and stone masonry, as well as stone architectural elements, and correctly disperses light when applying end lighting of walls.